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    I feel really sick after weight lifting...

    I am a newb to weight training. After like 30-35 minutes into weight training my stomach starts to feel all weird, I get this feeling I am going to puke. Can somebody explain why I am getting this? And will this stop eventually over time?

    Hi Henetra,

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    probably. i get this especially when i do leg exercises. take things a bit slower and reduce the amount of weight you are pushing until your stomach isn't getting queasy on you. having access liquid in your stomach can also do that ... be aware of what you are eating and how long before your working.

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    too much intensity. since you're new, your nervous system can only handle so much. the feeling of vomiting is the body's way to stop you from pushing too far.

    tone it down a little until your CNS adjusts.

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    i normally jog 15 minutes treadmill at the gym but a couple days ago i decided to use an elliptical machine and i guess i was using it for about 7 minutes at a rate for cardiovascular instead of fat burning and i nearly passed out on my way to the locker room bench and i felt sick for 10 minutes... and i dont even consider myself in bad shape.

    Hi Henetra,

    take a look here:
    lifting weights first thing in the morning

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