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    Question Adding fat to my face

    I lost a lot of weight recently, too much. I am now skinny but so is my face. Before, when people looked at how I look like compared to my twin brother, they said that I have fatter (in a good way) cheecks.

    I heard people say that I should just bulk up by eating more and going to the weight room. It will give me muscle, okay, but will it give me some fat back in my face?

    Hi biz123,

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    This is a very interesting question. All the time people are asking how to get rid of fat in a specific part of their body, you have the opposite question.

    Just like we can't spot reduce fat, we can't "spot gain" fat. Unfortunately genetics determine where you lose the most fat. You can increase your calorie intake to gain some fat, but where you get it is determined by your genetics.

    Hi biz123,

    take a look here:
    how to make face bigger

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