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    Beer/Wine post workout?

    My question is that is it ok to drink a beer or have a glass of wine post-workout since these tend to be higher-glycemic carbohydrates? I don't mean RIGHT after. Right after a workout I always drink whey protein and glucose tablets. But within a few hours of the workout, when I eat my next meal, is this ok? For instance today, for dinner, I had a steak cooked simply in a pan with some olive oil, a salad of romaine lettuce, and a beer (had a small taste of the new wine I got too). Since this was post workout, I figured a beer wouldn't be horrible, but I wanted to know what others think? I'll still take my veggie supplement pills and salmon oil etc etc.

    Is this ok? Anyone else do it? Also, how does light/moderate alcohol consumption mix with creatine? absolute no no?

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    I don't think it matters. I've been working out 3-4 days a week for many years and have 1 beer a night probably 4-5 days a week and haven't had any weight gain or muscle loss because of it. Just continue w/a healthy lifestyle and enjoy your beer and wine when you want, in moderation. At least thats my philosophy.

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