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    Best way to get pecks?!

    I want to build up my chest and get good pecks, what are the best exercises to use?

    And also are protien shakes any good, or just a waste of money?


    Hi Skbetts,

    take a look here:
    is drop set good for bulking

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    well, the common exercise for chest is bench press with a barbell or dumbells. both variations are good, try to switch them up once in a while. throw in some incline or decline bench too.

    chest dips (wider grip) are also good. ive said it before, but i dont think that dips get the credit they deserve.

    as for protein shakes, see the discussion in the bodybuilding forum.

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    Agreed. The flat bench press, in my mind, is the best overall chest builder hands down. My chest grew VERY well by using the following workout,

    Bench pressx4 (8-10 reps)
    Babell Rowsx5
    Military Pressx2
    Barbell Curlsx1


    I don't believe you will achieve the best growth off of the new age HIT, "hit the muscle with all you have, then rest it for a week" business.
    Things to keep in mind.
    ---Compounds. Bench and incline bench press, dips (not all in the same workout, however)
    ---Don't over do it. 4-6 sets done twice per week should be enough. You can tweak the volume for changing rep ranges, of course.

    Hi Skbetts,

    take a look here:
    is drop set good for bulking

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