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    Coming back to weight lifting need advice about possible heart condition.

    Hello everyone Iam wanting to staret working out again and Iam in horrid shape. The thing is I have an irregular heartbeat when I exert myself through cardio. Could I still find a good work out routine and not having to go all out in cardio? I mean I expect to do cardio its just I try not to jog very fast and stuff like that otherwise ill start getting heart flutters which scare the heck out of me.

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    Is this irregular heartbeat diagnosed by a doctor?

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    Yes Ive worn a Holtr Monitor and the irregular beats were seen but he also told me it was nothing to worry about. But its really hard not to worry when you do anything that requires your heart to beat fast and you feel like your hearts about to stop.

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    For heart strengthening exercises, do long, low intesnity cardio. Just keeping your heart rate up for extended periods of time will help you lose weight and strengthen your heart.

    Your best bet is going to be to jog for at least 45 minutes to an hour at a time. If you can't handle high intensity, this is likely to be your best bet.

    Or, to spare your knees but give you a less complete workout, try the recumbant bike - the ones where you lean back slightly into a backing/seat while you pedal. You won't work your axial skeleton, or support muscles as much, and you wont' get as much real-life training out of it, but it's good for your heart and you can do it for longer periods of time.

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    you should ask your doctor this question

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