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Thread: Deadlift Types?

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    Deadlift Types?

    Can someone please clarify the differences btwn the various deadlifts- Sumo, Romanian, Stiff-Legged etc and what the benefits are?

    I have only ever done the basic lift but I think its about time I branched out!

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    Well the sumo, stiff legged and romanian keep the hips in the same position in general while the conventional deadlifts your hips move up and down more so.

    Sumo and Stiff legged hit the hamies nicely.

    Not really up on the romanian but its looks like a great overall back excercise and it too hits the hams.

    Snatch grip deadlifts is another varation i haven't tried it, soon.

    Its good to hit muscle groups in using different planes to strengthen weak areas, avoid overtraning and over all development. And its more fun!

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    Behind Mreik, waxing his back

    Will have more info about deadlift variations that you want/need to know. They all differ by placing a different tension and stress in different areas.

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    that is an amazing site! Thank you!

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