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    Do incline and decline pushups work well?

    I do not have an incline bench or an decline bench So I need to start working on the pushups for now until I hit the gym for those 2 excercises. Do these work well and how many reps and sets of each should I do?


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    anyone know if these work?

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    Yes, they work fine, although you're going to get uneven weight distribution for each one. I would just get rid of either the incline or decline pushups, I don't know which terms you're using, for which exercise, so I'll just say this; keep the pushups where your feet are elevated, and swap out the ones there your head is higher than your feet with like, dips.

    And throw some chin-ups into your workout for good measure.

    Oh, and hurry up and get in a gym. If you're going to be working out because you don't have a gym at this moment, then forget what you're doing now. You need to be doing chin-ups, squats, crunches, leg lifts, dips, along with the push-ups.
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