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    Exercise to build Shin Muscles

    I have heard that if you are working your calves you should work the counter muscle in your shins.

    Can someone give me some pointers on how to accomplish this?


    Hi RedT,

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    I suppose you mean the ankle flexor and extensors..
    I'm no expert, but doing research I only found these would help:
    Seated and Standing Toe Raise
    Leg Presses
    Leg Curl

    I think the first is the one that really targets it..

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    Anterior tibialis - No need to target them specifically if you're doing heavy compound movements like squats and deads. But, if you do want to give them a little extra work: grab a few plates. Put one plate under your heels, and another plate on your toes, and do the oppisite of a calf press (bring your toes up while keeping your heels on the plate).

    To target your peroneus (outer portion of your calves), do unilateral work like lunges, bulgarian squats, 1 leg DLs, etc.

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    How to work your Shin muscles..

    *I went for an intensive Bicycle ride today after not cycling for about 4 weeks. When I cycle I position my feet in a tip-toe position on the peddle. As soon as I got home from the vigorous cycle I could already feel the Onset Muscle Soreness.

    *When I skip rope I also do it while jumping up and down with my feet in the tip-toe position, my shins get Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) the next day.

    In conclusion, anything involving tippie-toe with resistance e.g jumping up and down on your tip-toes, Sprinting!! OR maybe you could try holding some weights and just do tip-toes - up then down up then down.

    I want big strong shin muscle so then it won't hurt as much when I low kick someone and they check (deflect) my kick, kick boxing.

    Thank you.


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    the shin group are small muscles. Typically they are worked to mitigate any imbalances. I guess you could strap plates to your toes and do toe raises. lol

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