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    fast metabolism(get very hungry)

    I started back working out about 2 weeks ago.
    I know that when you start working out, your metabolism gets faster. I come home after work at 11:30pm and get hungry.Very hungry. I don't wanna just eat anything, so I usually try to eat one bowel of cereal. But after eating that bowl I'm usually still hungry. So I eat around 2-3 bowls of cereal. I'm not sure if thats good or if I should not eat at all.

    What should I do if I get hungry after work. Should I eat or not eat. If I should eat, then how much. I usually eat until I'm full but I'm not sure thats good.

    please help

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    how often do you eat during the day?

    when you get home at 11:30pm, when was your last meal before that?

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    I usually eat before work which is the list that I posted earlier. I'll post it again.

    Before work

    Whey protein shake ----------------------- 110
    Lettuce --------------------------------- 20 (2 per leaf)
    Tomato (4 slices) ------------------------------------- ????
    Smoked turkey ----------------- 200 (50 per slice)I think I eat about 4 slices. This smoked turkey is all mashed together. You can't really get the slices out correctly

    Bread (white, 2 slices)---------------------- 140
    Hard boiled egg ----------------------------- 70

    At work

    Lettuce---------------------------------------- 20
    Tomato (slices) ------------------------------------ ????
    Smoked turkey ----------------------------- 200(about this much)
    Bread (white, 2 slices) --------------------- 140
    Hard boiled egg ----------------------------- 70
    Gatorade(1 bottle) -------------------------------- ?????

    my last meal before I come home from work is at 7pm. I don't have time to eat after that.

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    I don't wanna just eat anything, so I usually try to eat one bowel of cereal
    Im so sorry for posting this, but I just about fell on the floor laughing when I saw that you ate one BOWEL of cereal. Obviously a typo, but funny none the less. I have nothing of actual substance to add here, just a giggle.

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    any help???

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    if you are hungry, then eat!

    Do what your body is telling you!

    But your diet looks pretty 'light', a few slices of turkey, an egg.

    lettuce is mostly water, gatorade has no nutritional value, tomato has no calories.

    I would say, as soon as you get up in the morning have 2 bowls of cereal and a banana, or whatever you like, i.e. 2 slices toast with jam and a hard boiled egg etc.

    This will really set you up for the day. Then have small meals frequently throughout the day, one of them can be what you already have, another can be a banana, just anything you can get your hands on.

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    thanks, I think I'll start doing that

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