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    Forearm swelling

    I just signed up for a gym and one week ago went with my friends, who have been going regularly. I think i may have overworked myself because I was extremely sore for about 4 days after. The soreness has subsided and no stiffness is present, However I noticed that my right forearm is swollen. There is no pain, however it is bothering me and I am afraid to work out my arm for fear of aggravating the injury/damage. Anyone have any ideas as to why this is happening or is this normal? The swelling is occurring on the outer forearm.
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    Well since it's your first time working out, that soreness is regular. The swelling may not be. Are you sure it's swollen or is it just bigger? Except if you're truly worried about it, it could be Golfer's elbow (though it usually comes with pain): Info here:

    Except, it probably isn't anything to be worried about.

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    if your forearm doesn't hurt, no matter how you flex/move/twist it...then its NOT injured.

    its likely still just some inflammation from your overtraining session.

    remember, the trick to big arms, is working the back and chest with heavy compound exercises...not endless hours of curls.

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    Well, I was comparing arms today to see if the swelling went down, and much to my surprise I noticed a small bulge in the same exact spot on my left arm. My right arm started like this and now it has actually "spread" evenly over my whole right arm. Once one of the roommates come back i'll try to get them to take a comparison pic and post it. Umm well at least they will Seriously though, no pain or discoloration is present. Doesn't feel like i've sprained or pulled anything at all. And the funny thing is that i know pretty much swelling normally after an injury will subside instead of get BIGGER.. I have always been small and i know it's almost ludacris to see any significant gains with one workout, but could my muscles be expanding(growing)? I am taking protein/amino acid mass builder, and creatine. I am reading that muscle growth actually is a part of the recovery process, but I'm going to drop a load in my pants if one trip to the gym has shown results. I am not joking, and being so small, any swelling or increase in mass would be VERY obvious on my bony body. It may just be wishful thinking, but I'm not sure.. any advice?
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    You're going to see gains very quickly when you're new to training, but not at that rate. It's inflamation from either overtraining, or not being used to training, and hence, inflamation.

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