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Thread: Good or bad ??

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    Good or bad ??

    You're seated at the lat pulldown machine, you pull the bar down behind your head rather than to your chin/collarbone area. Good or bad ?? I have read articles that suggest this is not good to do. Personally, I prefer chins over pulldowns. The few times I do pulldows ( for a change) I pull to the front. Any opinions ??? Also, I saw a guy at the gym today doing pullups and he was pulling up to behind his neck. Looked a bit scary to me, but I could be mistaken. Please, post your views. Many thanks

    Hi jpc1058,

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    Behind the neck is a more risky movement. To prevent shoulder injuries i would do them in front.

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    When doing lat pulls behind the neck, you can cheat yourself out of a good workout. You can start to lean forward which starts to use the pecs instead of the lats.
    Stick to lat pulls in front.


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    I've done pulldowns behind my head all the time, i've had no injuries or anything and i read when you do pullups to the back of your neck it hits the lats much harder if done with correct form

    Hi jpc1058,

    take a look here:
    benching more than body weight

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