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    HELP: How to get in shape for Basketball/Soccer season?

    The title says it all. I am going to try out for my college baskteball and soccer team. (division 3).

    I want to get in shape. Meaning, I want to lose fat. Gain speed, and tone my body to look good. Those are my 3 goals.

    I weight 166. I am 5'11" I am 19 years old.

    I am chubby. I have fat in the love handles, the chest, and face. My lower body is pretty muscular (I played football in high school).

    I just started working out. This is my second week. My first week, I lost about 5 pounds. I worked out like 4 days a week.

    Consider, I am a college student who comutes (40 min/80 min total a day). So, I don't have too much time. I am a full time student with 17 credit hours.

    The only times I can work out are: Mon(7-9pm) Tue(6-9pm) Wed(7-9pm) Fri(4-5pm). Maybe a Sunday, but that is a MAYBE. So, I want to stick to those 4 days and times.

    Now I have developed a kind of a ghetto rutine: Mon(30min Cardio+Legs+abs) Wed(30min Cardio+UpperBody+back) Wed(30min Cardio+Legs+abs) Fri(Upper Body.)

    So can somebody tell me what I can do to reach my goals in time for sport season? What should I do? What should I improve? Maybe a better rutine? Anything is apreciated.

    PS-I beleive I have till like the end of May before the soccer camp begins.

    Hi RuanuLaw,

    take a look here:
    what size weights should i use to tone my arms

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    I'd start running interval sprints out on the football field.

    For the first four weeks of your workout I'd concentrate on the basics-squat, front squat, bent over row, bench, military press, deadlift. I'd use a fullbody set up on MWF and run it as a circuit.

    Then after the four weeks I'd start putting in hang power cleans, depth jumps, single leg work, etc

    You might take a look at this site and go the training articles and look at the Westside for skinny bastards program

    Hi RuanuLaw,

    take a look here:
    what size weights should i use to tone my arms

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