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    How to increase width of upper arms.

    When not flexing.. Looking straight ahead, what do I need to workout to get my upper arms to appear thicker. From looking at the side of me, my arms look normal, but looking straight ahead at me, my upper arms are very skinny. Thanks

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    Standing barbell curls, and hammer curls. making sure you squeze at the top of exercise

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    The tricep makes up 2/3s of the upper arm, so increasing that will help.

    Tricep press downs, skull crushers, tricep extenstions, etc.

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    and with weight training, you must also eat a surplus amount of calories :]

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cynic
    The tricep makes up 2/3s of the upper arm, so increasing that will help.

    Tricep press downs, skull crushers, tricep extenstions, etc.
    I agree, most biceps seem to grow up. But triceps definitely buldge to the side so you'd be better off with that.. In addition to cynic's advice try overhead extensions

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    While I do not disagree with the above post, I feel compound exercises will add size to your arms as well as the isolations. Your workouts should be based on compounds movements ...squats, deads, rows, pullups/chins, presses, dips ..... Like I said I am not trying to undermine the above post. I'm sure you are well aware of how effective compunds are. Maybe the original poster, Jpac, is not quite sure how effective compund movements are for you.

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    yeah, work the triceps, and dont' neglect compound exercises for primary arm development..and then maybe a couple sets of curls and tri-extensions to isolate for more complete hypertrophy.

    but if your diet sucks, the arms won't grow (nor will anything else)

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    That just means they're cut. I used to think that about my arms, and when I started bulking, my muscles pretty much look the same, just bigger. I still think they look skinny, but they're actually just bigger all around. Most of the girth I've seen is coming from my triceps. But work both bi and tri's. Shoulders definitely too. Because there's muscles that connect the deltoids to the upper arms that can definitely be built. Just do stuff like shoulder press and incline bench, that kind of stuff.

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    as stated above focus on compounds for 80% of your training then you want to focus on close grip bb curls for the outside bicep head and dips for the outside tricep head...if looking for "any angle" mass than focus also on any overhead tricep movement as it will involve the long head (the one closest to your armpit) that has the most growth potential

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