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    Leg Press Average?

    My parents just got a Weider Pro 4900 system. I was kinda surprised at how much I could leg press seeing as lower body strength has always been my weakness. Just for fun, I did 50 reps of 296lbs (296 according to the pulley resistance system). I was wondering how accurate those resistance figures are. Also what is the average amount an adult can leg press for 10 reps?

    Hi omgwtf,

    take a look here:
    90 kg leg press

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    Don't get too excited. Leg presses are very deceiving, especially cable versions. They are popular with bodybuilders because they can load it to the hilt and rep out with them. I have personally leg pressed over 1000 pounds for 6 reps, but I can tell you that my I could never squat anywhere near that. I have seen bodybuilders rep out with 1600 lb whould couldn't even squat 225 with good form. If I were to even try to support 1000 pounds on a bar it would squash me into the ground!

    Want to get a good idea of how strong your legs are? Try doing some squats.

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    Very true.
    All machines use diffrent size pullys and so you'll press diffrent amount on any machine you use.
    I dont use the resistance machines at my gym, but I think its a very good idea that they have numbers from 1-15,25 on all machines with no relivance to the weight in Kg or Lbs. its good cos people lose that ego which I hate in gyms.

    Also - low did you get in the leg press? acording to the leg press at my old gym I could press 90Kg all the way down, so my feet were inches from my backside. But 210kg if I just did small presses.
    So it makes a lot of diffrence when you go lower.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jpfitness
    Want to get a good idea of how strong your legs are? Try doing some squats.
    Ahh the joy of feeling like your gonna puke while squatting.

    One day I think I am just going to let it all out in the gym regardless of who is watching.

    Anyway, like the people above stated, the leg press can be deceiving as you use alot of your back for leverage. Try squatting.

    Hi omgwtf,

    take a look here:
    90 kg leg press

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