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    Lifting weights=dizziness

    Hi there I don't know if anyone else has experienced this but everytime I lift weights I get really dizzy and nauseaous feeling. I only get this when I am doing arms not legs. any ideas what it could be? Thanks!

    Hi sparkles_grrl,

    take a look here:
    dizzy after lifting weights

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    I do if i stand up to quickly after benching or something similar

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    Be sure you are lifting the proper weight and your form is perfect. Then remember to breathe Most likely that is the culprit. Holding out breathe is not good. One easy way to remember to breathe is to move with your breathe.

    So for example, on a basic bicep curl you would start with your hands down by your sides. Take a deep breathe in and on the EXHALE lift the weights up to your shoulders. Then inhale and lower back to start.

    Breathe slow and move slow. If that doesn't help it could be an issue with your blood sugar or something else. I'd check with your doctor at that point.

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    I agree with the above: make sure you breathe and don't stand up too fast.

    Also, what are you eating before your workout? It could be low blood sugar due to not eating enough to fuel your workout.


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    I get really hot so I'm sure to dress lightly and keep the fan on (all year). Would that help you?

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    Some of the times the dizzyness may be due to a deconditioned central nervous system. This usually happens when one starts the gym again after a long break or for the first time.

    If this is the case, it will subside a bit as you continue to workout.

    Hi sparkles_grrl,

    take a look here:
    dizzy after lifting weights

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