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    One side of the body is heavier than other side - anyone have or had this imbalance?

    Another posture thread here... I am looking for responses from someone who knows a lot (with experience) about posture and/or working out and know how to fix imbalances and what exercises will fix it.

    This is how I figured out I have an imbalance between my right side and my left side. You can measure by taking one dumbbell and put it in your right hand and look in the mirror. If you are standing up nice and tall without tilting to that side in any way, then you are fine on that side. Now change hands by holding the dumbbell with your left hand. Are you still standing up nice and tall without tilting to that side in any way? If so, then you have no imbalances on either side. If one side you are leaning/tilting, then the opposite side needs the work. For me even without using any dumbbells, my body tilts slightly to the left. When I did what I explained above, I tilted to the right side with holding a dumbbell with my right hand; therefore, my left side is weaker. Because I was not aware of this imbalance or thinking about it until I took a picture of myself standing up tall (I was not aware of my anterior pelvic tilt either), all the exercises I have been doing standing up had a tilt to one side. When I squat with weight, I notice my weight shifts more towards the right side.

    I am right handed, but I should be training one side at a time at least for the first set with my left arm/left leg/left side to see what weight I should be using for that exercise for the day. If one side is lacking form and the other has good form (hard to notice imbalances unless you are squatting or doing one leg or arm or side and knowing that you cannot do as many reps on one side that you can on the other), then the one side that is lacking good form is the weaker side and will keep getting weaker, and the stronger side will keep getting stronger.

    Anyone else have this problem or have had this problem in the past?

    Here are my questions:
    What is the best exercises to fix this kind of imbalance? Is it the external obliques? Is there anything I am not understanding correctly on this? What good test can I take myself that will tell me how much more weight one side is than the other side? Before I start weightraining again (with weight), I need to figure out how to fix this imbalance. I want to do single leg work, but my right leg has problems with balance. When I try to use weight on my right leg (single leg only) for king deadlifts or RDL with dumbbells in both hands, I really notice a difference and my weight wants to go towards my left side; therefore, I lose my balance. Even without any weight, I have this problem with my right leg. I am not sure if just balancing everyday will make it better because no weight is being used, but probably not because my left side needs weight added to the muscles to get me balanced.

    - Another question I have is what movements (quad/hip dominant, upper body horizontal push/pull, upper body vertical push/pull, serratus anterior, scapular retractors/depresson/elevators, external rotation) are affected by this? I am not sure if push ups, bench press (laying down), inverted rows, lat pulldowns, and pull ups are affected by this imbalance because I am not standing up. I know standing up bent over rows and all the standing exercises are most likely affected.

    Also, before I can get my anterior pelvic tilt fixed, I have to get my side imbalance fixed and the muscles that the imbalance created. I used to do a lot of single joint exercises and be in the weightroom about 2 hours a day or so 2 years ago and doing different exercises everyday and not knowing anything about training. I have never gotten serious about it until half of last year and now. I am really serious more now the more I think about my imbalances and the more I want it fixed.

    The only few exercises I can really think of to help me with this imbalances that do not involve any weight holding in my upper body is single leg squat off a bench and making it lower each time I can do about 10-15 reps evenly on both legs for Quad Dominant. I don't know about Hip Dominant. For the external obliques (sides), Hip Thrusts/Side Planks/Side Planks & Reach.

    With weight - For Rotation, high/low chops (cannot do these until in the middle of Feb when I go back to school for Spring semester and can use the gym).

    I can't think of anything else that would help. Until I get an answer from you guys, I am going to stay away from the weights right now and any exercise standing up. I cannot work on my balance and single leg work because of my right side losing balance and stuff. I am limited right now until I find out whats going on and how I can fix this imbalance. I cannot afford a physical therapist or anything with money, but I am planning on finding a job soon and hopefully a gym one so I can hopefully get on a program that I can trust and stick with. I have to not change exercises all the time like I used to and I have to stick to a schedule that uses movements and not single joint and a few compounds, etc. Changing exercises all the time and not knowing what the heck I am doing is what screws things up and makes it worse. I can make weightraining routines myself as many times as I want and then do it once and change it all around after, but if its not by movements, then I can screw up my body even more. That has been my problem. Right now I need to get my imbalance fixed and once thats fixed, I can just train by movements and can switch up the exercises if I want to for that movement every session if I wanted to (example - bench press monday, incline press wednesday, push up friday for the upper body horizontal push). That will not harm me, but changing exercises and not including all the movements (one exercise per movement), then that will harm me.

    I am hoping that this thread will not just help me and that it will help you guys too if anyone is going through the same problem. If you have dumbbells at home right now or anything object that weighs not too light and not too heavy, put the object in one of your hands first and then the other and see if you have an imbalance on one side. If you do, then get help with it and people on here that are kind to offer free advice will help. Do not be afraid to ask questions either. I know I should of knew about this imbalance long ago and do movement training instead of changing my workout all the time, but sometimes it takes a while to realize something once you find out a problem has occured. You guys know that I have made threads in the past about weightraining workouts and changing them all the time. I am not going to do that anymore because I am following my movements and movements only to prevent that from happening. I am not experienced enough to seperete movements and do 2-3 exercises for that same movement or single joint and can end up forgetting movements/muscles. I learned a big lesson here.

    Hi xswtsalvationx0,

    take a look here:
    more weight on one side of body

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    Leigh P Guest
    I am personally short on time but could contribute to your thread later. I mean time the best advice I can give you if this...

    -Buy this book.

    Most "experts" got their info from here. It really covers all you need to know and more.

    -Warm up and cool down properly. When concerned about imbalance and performance then your lead into and out from lifting are just as important.

    -Don't skimp the stretching and foam rolling.

    -Don't over complicate it and don't favor a side. Throw in unilateral training and always hit at the weaker side first.

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    Thank you! I will see if any bookstore has this book and look through it to make sure its what I am looking for, so I won't have to pay the shipping fees and such. I don't want to end up buying the book off the internet and then it being something different than what I thought it was. If I cannot find a book "exactly" to what I am looking for, I don't buy it unless I know once I can find what I am looking for and fix that one imbalance area, then the book will be useful. One book may have steps on a certain imbalance area, but may not mention the most important area that would affect the other imbalance area that was talked about in the book. I am pretty sure I will buy it though because you said that is where most experts get their information.

    By the way, I can do unilateral work, but I am very limited because of the horrible balance in my right leg most likely due to my right sides muscles being heavier/stronger. Whenever I try to do one legged king deadlifts (even without any weight) or one legged RDL with my right leg, my leg goes all over the place and wants my left leg to go to the ground.

    I'll wait until you have more time (hopefully tomorrow, if not whenever you can), so you can read my whole thread so you can know my whole situation and how it affects things and be able to answer the questions and let me know what I can do and cannot do (what I am limited to), and also how to correct my side imbalance. I do not want to end up doing something wrong. I know doing 2 legged exercises will not do anything. When I try to do a shoulder press for example (even sitting down), my right side (doing single arm) tilts towards the side, while my left side is fine when I do my left arm.

    I would like to know exactly what is causing the imbalance. I know the legs have nothing to do with the upper body imbalance & tilting (the only thing the upper body side imbalance affects is when actually doing a leg exercise, my weight will shift towards the right side) , but when I hang onto a barbell or dumbbells or any kind of weight, my body tilts. I know its somewhere in the core I need to get fixed and probably only doing a few exercises with a certain # of sets of reps will correct it and then doing the scale test I explained in the first paragraph in my first post. If the right side still tilts with the dumbbell, then I still need to work on my left side. This is only the first step to fixing my imbalances and then the next step will being able to do single leg and even out both sides with the same weight/reps (when I do a max test). Then after that, I can work on my anterior pelvic tilt. This is my goal. What do you think?

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    umm, the link to the book is RIGHT THERE. if you click it, you're buying the right book.

    In my experience, is usually the same price, or cheaper, than buying locally and paying sales tax.

    i really doubt your local barnes & nobel or B. Dalton is going to have a copy.

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    I want to get it, but first I want to see if the stores have it. I checked borders website for the store in my area and they do have it in stock, so I am going to go check it out and most likely get it. It's 19 bucks in the store and 13 online at amazon + the shipping, which is probably 3 something and would take over a week to come if I buy it online.

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    I found this on gray cook's site. Will chops and lifts fix the torso imbalance for the frontal plane? I could not really read half of the article because half of it was cut off. At home I can do chops with the cable my parents have upstairs, but I don't have a low pulley for the lifts and I know the chops are stronger than the lifts. I have medicine balls and dumbbells at home, so I can do it without the cable right? (chops and lifts)? I won't have access to the cable equipment until middle of feb when I go back to school and gym opens. Before I do the high cable (I don't even have any handles or a rope), I want to get the lower cable the same weight as the higher one.

    Oh and I was thinking about the imbalance between my right side and left side with balancing and I am thinking because when I try to balance on my right leg, it wants to go to my left that I could do single leg work and do it on my left leg, will that balance everything out or make it worse? I was just thinking of this. I am not going to try anything until I get an answer first.

    Tomorrow I can go to borders and get Gray Cook's book. Seems like from his website that he may be what I am looking for.
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    Hi xswtsalvationx0,

    take a look here:
    more weight on one side of body

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