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Thread: Perky bum?

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    Perky bum?

    I'm new to weights and really want a better bum by next beach season. I'm about 5'8" and weigh... 130? Right around there. Any suggestions on where to start, other than a personal trainer? I can't see one for another month or so (fun with financial aid), but since I'm a student I can use the university gym until then.

    You can't see my butt at all here, but I'm the one squatting. No, I'm not a ninja. Wish I was though. One thing at a time.


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    Real quick added note: I have read all the sticky above on getting started. Actually I used to do a bit of weight training with my sister a few years ago, so I am hoping I remember the basics. I really just want to know what machines/free weights are best for toning a not so perfect lower region. Thanks!

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    I dont know if this will answer your question, but when I was at velocity sports performance for my free trial the other night, my butt was sore from the squatting and superman. I think it was mostly from the superman though because you squeeze your butt. My butt is still sore from the other night. try supermans=) (holding it in one spot and doing 10 times arms straight out in front of you, arms to the side, and close to you elbows bent with thumbs up.

    after your done, you will really feel it in your butt.

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    Bulgarian split squats, squats, deadlifts, Romaian deadlifts, stifflegged deadlifts etc... Use a weight that is challenging but still lets you maintain good form and up the weight when it becomes too easy. Work hard and it will come.Good luck

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    Sinc that pic shows everything but the but, what are you looking for; bigger, smaller...?

    Quote Originally Posted by xswtsalvationx0 View Post
    My butt is still sore from the other night.
    Next time just say no! :/

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    lol yes you are right. It does show everything but my butt. I don't have that many pics of my butt though! (actually any). I want a firm, cutey butt like... Scarlette Johanson in Lost in Translation. Which I think might be the one every woman wants, but whatever.
    The superman's look complicated from a brief googling. I think I will try the deadlifts. I was surprised though since I have never seen women using the bar weights, only the little handheld ones. But then again, its been awhile since I've been to the gym.
    Speaking of, I'm off to there now. Wish me luck and thanks for the comments!



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