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Thread: School Workout

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    School Workout

    So this is what we all do in the school gym, and i was wondering if it was an effective workout, or if i should just train @ home next year.

    You split your workout into upper and lower workouts, on separate days. Core lifts are Parallel Squat, Box Squat, Trap Deadlift, Bench, and Power Clean. Then you have numerous Auxilery lifts corresponding to the muscle groups lifted for that day. These are obviously the more concentrated lifts( for example bicep curls and tri pulldowns).

    I usually go with,

    M Box Squat
    T Bench Press
    W Trap Deadlift
    TH Power Clean
    F Parallel

    The sets and reps are as followed
    Week 1-3x3
    Week 2-5,5,5
    Week 3-5,3,1
    Week 4-10,8,6
    Auxileries are always 3x10
    and then the process is repeated.

    I mean i dunno, i seemed to have gained maybe and inch around the arms in a school year(about 9 months), and nothing in the pecs. I didnt really keep track anywhere else.

    I started benching 95 absolute max, now im at about 140 max;
    about 130 max to 165-170 max P squat
    about 145 deadlift-175 deadlift
    psquat and deadlift probably arent really exact

    JW. Thx.

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    It's not bad at all. You're making gains and you have some good, solid lifts in there. If it's working, stick with it.

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    Yeah it looks pretty good. The size gains come from food, not from just lifting weights. If you wanna see more in the way of size, it's gonna come from what you're eating.

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