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    Question Soy Protein powder drink question

    okay, today i got a soy protein drink from my uncle, and i cant wait to drive test this baby. how many glasses of it should i drink every day? Im 17, male, weighs 150 pounds and i wanna get big, muscle wise. I work out 4-6 times a week doing at least 40mins of cardio before i start my weight lifting.

    The bottle says it has 17grams of protein per serving. how many glasses should i drink a day? I dont wanna over dose or something.

    Also, does soy protein have an advantage over the other protein drinks out there such as the infimous whey protein and creatin drinks?

    Im new to this so if i somehow made a flaw with my questions or somethin dosent make sense, give me a break

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    i've never tried soy protein. i hear both good and bad things about it. i believe it to be ok. dont expect anything spectacular from it or any other supplement you take. its just protein in a powered form.

    you want to get big, muscle wise; this come from you, not a supplement. dont fall prey to the hype. supplements are useful, i use plenty myself but i dont look to them for my gains.

    how do you get big? training, nutrition and rest/recovery. you train the muscle, you feed the muscle, you rest the muscle. sounds simple, right? well, the approach is simple, but putting this all into play is hard work.

    besides training, nutrition and rest, remember desire, discipline and commitment. the desire to want it, the discipline to do it and the commitment to get it done.

    now get to work!!!!!

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    That sounds like something a camp councelor would say.

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    Soy is the worst thing for men to take, it reduces testosterone, while boosting estrogen, which will add more fat to your frame, make putting on muscle harder, and a ton of other negative side effects. One of the things its good for is cholesterol reduction, but it reduces ALL cholesterol, even the good stuff. Which has its own set of problems. Infants that are fed soy begin to develop thyroid problems, head on over to T-mag and do a search for soy, they have a ton of stuff on it.

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    I am pretty much with Silvorus on this one. Here is a really good discussion on the whey vs. soy argument, with good supporting arguments on both sides. Read it and make up your mind.

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