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    had to quit when he became a mod
    Sorry, danny, he isn't coming back. He made an inappropriate remark about homosexuals, I gave him an infraction, and that's what resulted in his previous post.

    Hi Jojo3000,

    take a look here:
    bicep curl weight chart

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    o dam alright kark sounds good brotha...respect!!!

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    Since I can't advise you on what I think a person should be able to lift on this exercise, I'll tell you what I can *probably* do for 3x10, which would be about 8kg at a guess. I haven't trained isolation movements other than calf raises and some rehab work in long over a year, so I really don't know what my bicep curl would be, but I know that a couple months ago, some idiot (TM) made me curl 5kg with each arm which was too light, then made me curl 10kg with each arm which was too heavy, and in his silly circuit he refused to give any other options. Of course, isolation exercises should be kept to a minimum within circuits anyway, but that's another issue altogether.

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    not sure about 3 x 10 right now since I haven't done it in 3-4 weeks

    but 2 x 4 I am at 55 lbs each arm and 1 x 5 at 60lbs each arm sometimes I can only do 3 on the set of 60 lbs. I have tried to go up in weight but just can't seem to. The bicep curl is one of my exercises I am least happy with.

    That and my bench press are no where near what I would like them to be at. I can only bench like 205 lbs one time last time I checked maybe more now but I never have a spotter so I don't try and see.
    Usually I stay below 160 lbs to keep it safe. I am currently benching 80 lb dumbells in each arm 2 sets of 4 and 1 set of 5-6 so I am guessing I could go higher on the bench with barbell.

    Hi Jojo3000,

    take a look here:
    bicep curl weight chart

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