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    winter/cold weather training

    I have a question

    I work out 3 times a week at the gym. I am adding some extra stretching on my off days, also extra walking etc.

    Now my question is this. With winter comeing, and bad weather, I am not always able to get to the gym or to go walking. How do most people deal with this? I dont have room for a tredmill at home. I am looking at added stuff thart can be done at home instaed of the gym. I also dont want to screwup my routine at the gym by doing a different routine that may take away from what i do.

    Hi kevinv,

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    What I'll say is what I think, just because unfortunately I don't live in a place where winter here in Miami is like summer in Canada.
    If you don't have enough space for a tredmill, I think jumping ropes is a very very good alternative.
    About not changing the routing to avoid taking away from what you do, I don't know if I'm mistaken but, you will take away if you DON'T do anything, but if you do, whether is the same or not, you're not going to lose any of your achievements. In fact, I believe in muscle memory / confusion. So, doing a change of what you do, at least for the time being while winter is there, will confuse your muscle and break that memory created on them, helping you with the workout.
    Anyone correct me if I'm wrong please.

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    Hello kevinv, your question about winter training is a good one. I am a Certified Personal Trainer, and I will try to answer your question to the best of my abilitly. In agreeance with the post above me, even though you don't want to change your routine, if you can't make it into the gym because of the weather, it may acutally help you in your fitness goals to change your routine. It is a good idea to change your routine somewhat constantly to keep your body guessing and confused. You may acutally see gains in your fitness if you change your routine, then again when everything thaws out and you make it back into the gym. You can get things for home like a stability ball, dumbells, a pullup bar, a weighted vest and jump rope. You can take up snowshoeing (which is a pretty good workout). Unfortunately, if you are unable to make it to the gym and are unable to get a treadmill for home, there may be no other choice but to change you routine. I hope this helps!

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    Hi kevinv,

    take a look here:
    why are my love handles cold

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