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    Bloating in midsection

    Ok, lately whenever I eat food(any food) my stomach and intestinal area will become bloated, like it's irritated or inflamed.
    The biggest difference is after breakfest, before I eat my stomach will be mostly flat, but as soon as I eat a protein bar, or a glass of milk it looks like I'm friggin' pregnant or something!
    I'm taking anti-biotics and thinking this possibly could've killed the bacteria in my intestines and cause this?

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    You may be getting bloated from the milk. Are you lactose intolerant?

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    Based on the fact you mention intestinal bacteria, my assumption is that you know the role of it. If all the bacteria were dead, your immune system would be severely impared and all food would give you health conditions. In other words, you wouldn't live long at all.

    Other things to look at are mostly diet related.

    Carbonated drinks cause bloatiness that lingers and shifts.
    So does lack of fiber and water.

    Since your biggest visual result would be morning, I would assume you need more fiber to clean the system right around the breakfast time. Therefore, focus on eating lots of fiber daily to get a clean system. I find eating a high fiber meal keeps you good until the next round of vast amounts of protien consumption, in which case, more fiber is required.

    These things may be a cause, or may not be. When we do not have a full medical histroy and dietary conditions, we cannot do more than guess with vague symptoms.

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    I use to get stomach aches drinkin milk and have to go crap. I can drink it fine now but I bloat. is this natural?

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