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    Does anyone else get very cold after you eat?

    And I don't mean something cold... I mean anything. I eat oatmeal I get cold, fish, protien, salad, hot soup. I get so cold about 5 minutes after I eat I usually need to turn up the heat or put on a sweater. Every time I eat.

    What does this mean? I got my thyroid checked a couple of times and I don't have any problems. I am the picture of health my doctor says. He thinks I am a hypochondriac, but honestly I NEVER get sick just cold. If anyone else has this come up, let me know! Thanks.

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    Normally people heat up after eating, it's called diet induced thermogenesis.

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    I usually get very cold while on my cut phase and after 2-3 hours of hard cardio. When I am dieting hard, I am usually always cold and wearing sweater even when it's 80 degree outside.

    How long do you remain cold for? Maybe and I am guessing it could be because the blood in your body is pulling back into your stomach and causing you to feel cold.

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    While I do agree with Hoss, I also agree with Tic. In order to digest your stomach needs and increase in bloodflow and takes blood from other areas of the body (think getting sleepy after a large heavy meal). It could be your bodies way of gathering the blood it needs to help you digest. Couple this with your current cut and low food intake and you have prime conditions for feeling cold.

    It's a similar situation to why your hands and feet get cold/numb when its cold out. It's not that they are being subjected to cold temperatures that make them cold. It's that your body realizes that it's cold outside and it is loosing body heat and will shunt blood to your extremities to limit heat loss there. If you keep your core adequately warm then your hands and feet should never feel cold or lose feeling. Same concept with cold weather can be applied to what happens when you eat.

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    Thanks for the replies. I don't stay cold for long after eating but generally I am more cold now than when I was overweight. I Googled it and saw answers ranging all over the place- many having to do with dire health problems. I know that isn't it. I just wondered if other fit people had this expirience.

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    This assumes you have no circulation issues, etc, etc.

    You are in a cut at the moment are you not? How long? Actually, your feeling of being cold once in a while, isn't all that surprising to me.

    What I have found, is that I am generally more cold when calories are in a deficit, than I am when calories are in a surplus in a 24 hour period. What I eat nor how much I eat at one time doesn't make much of a difference. But the amount of calories consumed (whether deficit or surplus in a 24 hour period) seem to be the stronger element of influence.

    Coming from a surplus to a deficit, it "generally" takes about a week or two, approximately, before I feel a difference. But its generally a feeling that comes and goes.

    Personally, I feel that some of the temperature (or feeling of a temperature change if you will, while in a deficit in calories), stem from the body shutting down and/or slowing down some biologically expensive operations to conserve energy (which may be more applicable in a long diet trend of calorie and/or macro nutrient deficits and with a person low or very low in body fat). Leptin and variety of other biological processes seem to have a role in the body's (thermostat if you will) as it deals with energy shortages and trying to become more efficient, and it can effect feeling of body temp, and efficiency in other internal processes. This is a rather over simplified example of what "sort of" happens leading into a starvation response (--->or metabolic adaption biologically), and generally its a series of processes, and it does not normally occur overnight, but over some time.

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