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    What is the best treatment for sore, dry, cracked heels?

    I have had trouble with dry, cracked, and sore heels for years. I have tried several creams and lotions but nothing seems to help. Looking for help!

    Hi dael22,

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    Before you go to bed: soak your feet in warm water, exfoliate the heels with an exfoliator by Dr. Scholl's, rub UDDER BALM or VASELINE on the heels and put on white socks. Sleep in these all night. In the morning soak the feet in warm water again, rub in a light coating of VASELINE and put on your shoes. IT is the going barefooted that helps cause the cracked heels. I had them until I wore shoes or EARTH SHOE sandals found at Wal-Mart. The above procedure worked for me.

    source : personal expeerience

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    I wish I knew. My problem is actually dry, cracked hands and nothing really works. My knuckles crack open and bleed in the winter in spite of slathering on lotions and hand creams. The latest thing I use is Zim's Crack Creme. It sort of takes the edge off, but doesn't heal it

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    Wrap your dry cracked feet!

    I have the same problem, and the vaseline/bag balm stuff doesnt work by itself.

    Problem with petro jelly is it doesnt moisturize.

    I use "Miracle Foot Repair" lotion and wrap my feet with cling wrap before bed at night. The first time you do this you will notice immediate softer feet in the morning. Repeat daily until the problem goes away.

    For a longer term fix, buy neoprene socks, put lotion on your feet at night, and put the sock on. In the morning your feet will feel amazing.


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    go to the finger nail ladies and have them do the foot scrape off job regularly.

    it is the old skin that is actually cracking and it rips open the skin underneath. As long as you have that big buildup of dead skin there is no chance of fixing them up. no moisturizer or anything can get thru that "hoof"

    20 bucks a trip, it feels great, and it fixes it right up within 2 trips...

    and gooch for your hands--- ummm... is it just one, or are both cracking open? ahahhahaahahaaa snort snort.... I can be so dumb..

    I ended up moving to FL to get moist"er" skin. When I was in ID I was the same way, and had to wear gloves to keep from scratching in my sleep.

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    I have really bad thick dry cracked heels. The only way I have found to prevent them, is to remove the old skin and moisturize the new. I have found that I could use a power wood finishing sander works great!!! I use a 80 grit, once a week and the old skin skin is gone!! I know this sounds crazy, but it works. Best 20 bucks I ever spent for health.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dael22 View Post
    I have had trouble with dry, cracked, and sore heels for years. I have tried several creams and lotions but nothing seems to help. Looking for help!
    Hi. I used to have normal feet, but after a long holiday in the middle east my feet became so dry they cracked and at sometimes bled. Since then I used many products, but the only products that really worked were Lanolin based products. The best product I have found is Nixsi foot cream. I brought it from my local pharmacy after my pharmacist recommended it, assuring me its great for dry and cracked feet. Nixsi worked for me. I'm not sure exactly which shops other shops you can buy it from, but the website is [link removed] . I have found it on ebay.
    Hope this helps.
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    Hi guys,

    Similar to what LordWayne has said, I find the best thing for my heels is to scrape all the skin off. My favourite tool is a callous plane. It is literally a razor for your feet. Soak feet and then scrape all the yuky stuff away. I got mine for about NZ$13 so I am sure they would be like half that in the US and come with replacement blades.

    Then moisturize with a heel balm. I still havent found one which i think is awesome yet though, and it sucks how slippery they are so have to put it on at night with socks.

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    I dont know if it will work as it is just another cream but its called Aveno and i use it for dry skin. I dont know if it will work for you but i just wanted to say.

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    Apply a foot powder. I tried the ointments, creams, pumice stones, saran wrap, etc. It wasn't until I started using foot powder that my cracked dry skin cleared up. I still use the creams and ointments at night, but I smooth powder on all over my feet before I put on shoes and/or socks for the day.

    Hi dael22,

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