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    Lightbulb Too small of a 15 year old in need of help

    Hi, my name's Joe. I'm 15 years old, 5'9"(Maybe 5'10" now.), and I weigh 120 or less pounds.
    My bench press used to be 95, but during a competitive thing we were doing back at school, I benched 95 7 times in a row, so I don't know what to call it now.
    My squat is 215, my 40 is a 4.9, and my vertical is 18". My 400 M Dash times at 55 seconds, and my 800 M is 2:18.
    I run track, I love baseball but I'm pretty bad at it and I play football also.

    But here's the thing: I want to keep playing football, and I'm smaller and weaker than everyone else. I've broken both of my arms, so I have a weak upper-body, but I want to overcome that instead of using it as an excuse.

    My cousin and I were going to play for a football league ages 5-15, but I found out since I'm going to be a sophomore(I skipped 1st grade), I can't play in it, and I really needed that experience.

    I played last year back at my school in Texas, but I was a bench warmer and out of the whole season I probably played 4:00 minutes total. My positions were HB and CB.

    I'm probably going to be forced to be a WR since I have the build of it, but I have no hands. D:

    This year, I want to be the best that I can and start, but I've moved schools(and states as well) and everyone down here is even bigger than me than back in Texas. And since there is a good amount of guys who are black(I'm NOT racist), they're naturally more athletic than me(I'm half Mexican, half Korean).

    How can I overcome how small and weak I am to start above the rest? Everyone has so much more experience and strength than me. Some have more experience, strength AND speed, and speed is what I have the most of.

    Sorry for the tl;dr post, I just thought the more information the better. Please help, I really need to do this. When I get back to Texas I have to be the best to win state.

    Hi jdlara21,

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    Thanks for posting, I will do everything I can to help you.

    The key to your athletic success is going to be a strong athletic foundation. You need a strong athletic foundation for a number of reasons. You develop a strong foundation through proper training methods.

    The Athletic Foundation I am talking about is your posterior chain (your legs)

    , will help you develop a strong Athletic Foundation.

    Developing strength is important, but using these exercises also helps develop eccentric training, and rate of force development, which are crucial for power generation. I can go into this more another time for you.

    You olympic lifts will be your focus lifts, You will need to supplement those olympic lifts.

    The , B, , are great exercise you can begin working into your program right away.

    You fitness levels will need to be extremely high in order to compete and stay competitive; is the best way to accomplish this task.

    You will need to develop a strong back, , seated rows, pull up and push ups will help you accomplish that.

    You will need to work you core. Planks and side planks are the best place to start.

    When working with the olympic lifts. Make sure you understand the movements. Perform in sets of 4 with repetitions no more than 6, make sure you focus on the bar speed. You do not need a heavy weight.

    The supplemental lifts can be done with more weight, you will not need to worry about technique as much with these exercises. Perform 6-8 repetitions with these exercises, with a moderate to heavy weight.

    I through a lot at your, so if you have any questions, please contact me.

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    Yes sum1 whose week like me, now I don't feel lonely any more...

    P.S I know this doesn't help you

    Hi jdlara21,

    take a look here:
    workout for 13 year old boy at home

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